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!celebs: CDP I love this woman.

+ 21 more (&2 quote icons!) here!
Spoilers from 7x24 (nothing specific or major though!)

A Few NCIS Finale Icons (and a crappy banner) =) (Spoilers Obviously!)
Icons Behind the Cut =)Collapse )

Beware: I am VERY new at this, so be nice please? =)

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Juliet ♥ Spoon

60 icons, NCIC, Bones, Katy Perry. here.

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!celebs: CDP I love this woman.

20+ icons for ncis20in20, here at my community. (Ziva centric + a few Tony and McGee)

ok, a lot happier with this one.
ok, so i took madelynnm's advice, collected my patience, and made a far better icon (in my opinion) than the one last night.

i suck at icons: sorry =(
Well, here's 1 icon I made. It takes me so long to get one to how i like it that that's all I have patience for at a time. I'm really suprised I haven't seen any icons with this quote yet and sorry for the size. If I make ti 100X100 you cant read the text; i know, bad work on my part, but here it is anyways.

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Old icons that I had in my computer.
[49] Bones 106
[10] Bones 421
[04] Bones 422
[01] Bones 505
[03] Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz
[12] House 601
[13] NCIS Mix
[03] Smallville Mix
[04] SuperNatural Mix

01. if you use anything credit me even if its out of livejournal (like fanforum) / 02. comments are appreciated
03. do not hotlink / 04. do not claim as your own
05. do not alt / 06 do not post at fanpop

001 002 003

My Journal

New Comm
feel so lost
Hello NCIS folk!
I searched around this day searching for any 'daily' communitys and there was no one for Tiva!
So because there is the huge 'anti' movement around I was like ' hey, there are people who still and really  like them'.
So I opened tiva_daily  today!

Feel free to join, watch and spread the love!!!
*I  am looking for a second picture maker at the moment so please feel free to PM me!*

(to paste this clickable banner into your post just copy/past the code below)

84 icons!

[01-25] Masquerade animations
[26-28] Jack Knife animations
[29-50] Cast/random
[51-74] Cote de Pablo
[75-84] Silver War Quote animations
here @ my lj

tLRoRP Teaser
Hope this is okay to post here, it just showed up in my subscription box on youtube. It's brief clips of Cote in The Last Rites of Ransom Pride...

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